Current Ripple Burn Rate (10 min avg.)

  • 6138.616 drops/sec.
  • 0.368 xrp/min.
  • 22.099 xrp/hour
  • 530.376 xrp/day
  • 15911 xrp/month
  • 193587 xrp/year

*For entertainment purposes only.

Turfpool is open for business!
*** Click here see what the fuss is about ***

What is Turfpool?

Turfpool is a blockchain real estate market giving you the possibility to own any land you desire.

A total of 6,796,359 Turfs are available across the world, 29% of which are on land.

Buy a Turf, make it grow and put it up for sale.

All transactions are processed on the Ethereum blockchain, so each transaction is fully secured and stored in the ledger.